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SYMBIOTIC, a show exploring the relationship between science and art. 

Boston - April 2017

The videoarte "Life in Movements" shows a group of artists whose mission is to interpret through dance one of the most interesting and complex themes of science: the cycle of life. The piece “The Life in Six by Eight”, which debuted in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, is portrayed in this video seeking to convey the emotions experienced by this group. Here the beginning and the end merge and the performance itself becomes a cycle, representing the search for a momentary perfection, which may remain elusive. This repetition and search are in the heart of the performance, as they become materialized over and over again through the looping video.


Giovani Canan is a Brazilian producer and filmmaker.

João Silveira is a performer, choreographer and artscientist from Brazil and also Harvard Research Fellow.

Rainar Aasrand is a video artist and documentary filmmaker from Estonia and graduate student from the Program in Art, Culture and Technology at MIT.



By Giovani Canan,  João Silveira and Rainar Aasrand


Soundtrack: Miguel Azambuja 

Production: Henrique Teixeira

Special effects: Emilio Rau  



Denise Mendes 

Gabriela Patrício 

Júnior Oliveira 

John Gaucho 

Karina Friedrich 

Diego Scliar 

Miguel Azambuja 

Leonardo Almeida

Malcoln Robert 

Manu Pizzolato

Ney Conceição

Ângelo Franco

Miguel Tejera


A production by ArteCiencia and Eagles Shoot

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