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Instrumental music, singing and dancing

In this performance piece, the power of flamenco art inspires a collaboration of instrumental music, singing, and dancing.

INFUSIÓN - with the Uruguayan musician Pablo Vares, the TV star and singer from Rio de Janeiro, Letícia Spiller, and

the dancer and researcher from the Southern Brazil João Silveira.


On stage, the flamenco music fuses with the Brazilian music as well as the choreographies and rhythms of South America. For Pablo, "A fusion between flamenco and the rhythms of South America happens naturally. Musical styles are concepts that exist in the world through the people who perform them. We are a complex conglomeration of experiences that coexist in a constant dialogue with one another. The fusion is inevitable".


Pablo, Leticia, and João are inspired by the integration of cultures and knowledge as a form of poetry and expression. "The song and the dance are for me universal inspirations. Here, in our INFUSIÓN, these inspirations coalesce in a game of art and essence between three diverse artists," Leticia says.


João Silveira, the choreographer, and director of the show is also a researcher at Harvard. For him, "a fusion of rhythms, music, and dance; the poetry with the interpretation; and the art with the science makes sense in our contemporary society".

videos: Giovani Canan



fotos: Karina  Friedrich

Creation and performance: Pablo Vares, Letícia Spiller and João Silveira

Music direction: Pablo Vares

Direction and choreography: João Silveira

Lighting and Stage Design: Hedra Rockenbach

Photography: Karina Friedrich

Production: Ariane Vieira - 4Alles Cultural Production

Business Manager: Karina Rabello

Press Office: Santa Cultura Creative Communication

Duration: 80min

Rider de Som

Rider de Luz

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